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Wirtschaftsstandort Wetteraukreis, Landkreis

District Wetterau – Where Future Grows

In the immediate north of the Metropolitan Frankfurt begins the Wetteraukreis, which is one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Europe. Via the central motorway axes of the A 5 (Frankfurt-Kassel) and the A 45 (Würzburg-Dortmund), which cross the Wetterau, the metropolis of Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main Airport can be reached directly and quickly as a hub of international air traffic. In particular, companies from the logistics and transport industry are Hessen's densest rail network in the Wetterau available. For new settlements and expansions, Wetterau offers short-term availability of commercial space in attractive locations with low real estate prices and business taxes. The graduates of the Technical University of Mittelhessen in Friedberg and the Justus Liebig University in Gießen have a high potential of specialists with ties to the region.

As part of the dynamic FrankfurtRheinMain metropolitan region, Wetterau has outstanding location perspectives:

  • central geographical location in Europe, Germany and Hesse
  • Part of the FrankfurtRheinMain metropolitan region
  • direct transport links by air, rail and road
  • 25 municipalities, 300,000 inhabitants, more than 22,000 companies
  • attractive real estate / tax / land prices
  • broad area / development potential for companies
  • High standard of living
  • diverse kindergarten and school landscape
  • Colleges in Friedberg and Bad Vilbel
  • the LEADER program supports 17 municipalities in Wetterau / Upper Hesse
  • high potential of skilled workers

Daten und Fakten

310 353
3,80 %
Einzelhandelsrelevante Kaufkraft*: 
6 423 EUR/Einwohner/Jahr

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Höhe der Arbeitskosten

Arbeitskosten im produzierenden Gewerbe (Bundesland)*: 
38,78 EUR/h
Arbeitskosten im Dienstleistungsgewerbe (Bundesland)*: 
36,25 EUR/h



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