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Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Public Sector

§ 1 General
The use of the internet platform My Business Location, Falkenweg 10, 88213 Ravensburg, Germany (hereinafter referred to as MBL) by companies and investors is based on these Terms and Conditions of Use. By the use of this website you have agreed to the inclusion of these Terms and Conditions of Use in the licence agreement. Conflicting regulations of companies and investors are not valid for the use of MBL.

§ 2 No service provision to consumers
The use of public sector of MBL is designated exclusively for commercial users. By the use of this website you confirm that you are not a consumer within the meaning of § 13 BGB (German Civil Code).

§ 3 Object of agreement
The provided service of MBL consists in enabling companies and municipalities to access location profiles situated in Germany (search function). Location profiles within the meaning of these Terms and Conditions of Use are automatically generated descriptions of business locations in Germany. MBL merely provides technical requirements for the transmission of information in the form of databases. MBL has no influence on the content of location profiles. Display and functional range may differ depending on the type of use (mobile version) as well as browser type and browser version. Companies and investors are not entitled to a certain form of display or certain functionalities. MBL reserves the right of technical improvements and ongoing maintenance of the website. With these provisos, MBL provides companies and investors the opportunity to execute a location analysis among the municipalities participating at MBL by using individual filter and sort criteria to identify an individual suitable business location in Germany. With regard to the relationship between municipalities and companies or investors MBL is neither considered as a contracting party nor as an agent or representative of a party. Contracts between municipalities and companies or investors that originate due to a location profile of a municipality on MBL are concluded without any involvement of MBL. In particular, MBL itself is not provider of certain locations.

§ 4 Free use
The use of search and analysis functionalities on MBL is free of charge for companies, investors and other non-private users.

§ 5 No grant of rights
MBL reserves all rights to the retrievable content. The present Terms and Conditions of Use do not grant any rights to the retrievable data or search result lists for companies and investors.

§ 6 Disclaimer
MBL does not guarantee the accuracy of data provided by municipalities. Liability of MBL is excluded extensively. In particular, there is no obligation of MBL to review the provided data from municipalities for accuracy.

§ 7 Intellectual property rights
Text, images, photographs, logos and other graphical designs on MBL are subject to copyright, image copyright and other neighbouring rights.

§ 8 Note on data privacy
The data privacy regulations of MBL apply. MBL uses so called cookies to optimise the scope of service. Further information can be found in the data privacy regulations.

§ 9 Final clause
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. Place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the business relationship is Augsburg. The invalidity of individual regulations of these Terms and Conditions of Use leaves the validity of the remaining regulations unaffected. The parties commit to replace any invalid regulation with an agreement that best meets the economic interests of both parties. The same applies in case of a regulatory gap.


Provider identification

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Status: January 2015