Business locations and commercial areas in Germany

Germany is a strong business location and offers excellent conditions not only to domestic companies. The number of foreign investment projects rose by 34 per cent to more than 200 new settlements in 2016 (source: Germany Trade & Invest). In times of political change, business locations in Germany also stand for planning reliability and a very good support from the local authorities.

On My Business Location you can analyse sites in Germany and identify the most appropriate business location for your start-up, expansion or company relocation. Using the sorting and filtering options of our location analysis you can narrow registered business locations according to your relevant location factors. Once you find some suitable sites you have the possibility to compare locations.

New Business Locations

  • Wappen von Rheinmünster
  • Wappen von Dahlem
    North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Wappen von Bad Münstereifel
    Bad Münstereifel
    North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Wappen von Oberrot
  • Wappen von Weilheim i.OB
    Weilheim i.OB
  • Wappen von Osterburg (Altmark)
    Osterburg (Altmark)
  • Wappen von Wilhelmshaven
    Lower Saxony
  • Wappen von Treuen
  • Wappen von Straelen
    North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Wappen von Villingen-Schwenningen
Wappen von Rheinmünster
Wappen von Dahlem
Wappen von Bad Münstereifel
Wappen von Oberrot
Wappen von Weilheim i.OB
Wappen von Osterburg (Altmark)
Wappen von Wilhelmshaven
Wappen von Treuen
Wappen von Straelen
Wappen von Villingen-Schwenningen

Search for commercial areas in Germany

Using our location analysis you can find suitable business parks in Germany. My Business Location is not only a property database where you can choose building areas based just on regional criterias. The approach of My Business Location rather focuses on the analysis aspect and thus includes important locational factors of the business locations. This allows you to sort and filter business locations based on your individual criteria. For example:

  • Compare level of business tax
  • Compare level of land tax (B)
  • Compare level of labour costs
  • Compare retail purchasing power
  • …or the combination of some locational factors

The registered building areas are classified according to their use. Depending on the project you can filter commercial areas, industrial areas, mixed areas, special areas and core areas with our location analysis. Other analysis options include demographic and labour market data, infrastructure, industry mix, funding and land prices. In addition, it is possible to limit results regionally, e.g. "business parks in Bavaria", "business parks in Hesse", "business parks in Berlin" etc.