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Finding the most suitable business location in Germany - on My Business Location, entrepreneurs and investors can find relevant information about business locations in Germany. The focus is on a comprehensive description of the registered business locations, focusing not only on commercial and commercial property information but also on important hard and soft location factors. With our location analysis it is possible to filter according to individual location criteria and thus to identify a suitable business location in Germany.

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Use our location analysis and compare different business locations based on different location factors.

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Overview of business locations and quick search

The meaning of a business location

The term business location refers to the place where a company produces, trades or provides a service. While the terms business location and production location refer to a precise geographic location, business locations may have different geographic extents:

  • Cities and municipalities
  • Association of several municipalities
  • Administrative districts
  • Regions
  • States
  • Nations

The corporate decision for a business location in the context of a start-up, company expansion or relocation is usually carried out after a previously carried out location analysis. For the economic success of a company the choice of the suitable business location is essential and at the same time often a great challenge. From an economic point of view the decision for a business location is of great importance for the company due to its long-term impact. A qualified location decision is based on a well-thought-out analysis that takes into account all relevant site requirements. The quality or attractiveness of a business location influences companies in their choice of business location. The higher the quality of the location, the more attractive the business location is for companies. The awarded location quality varies from the point of view of the individual companies, as it is very dependent on the requirements on the company side. A general assessment of the quality of a business location is therefore not possible.

Various location factors are used as evaluation criteria for a business location. Location factors are the totality of all relevant characteristics of a business location that can influence the location decision of companies. The different characteristics of the location factors of business locations lead to different location qualities, which in turn affect the attractiveness of a business location. Depending on the company, there are clear differences in the assessment of the importance of the individual location factors (sector and business area-specific differences). Typically location factors are differentiated between hard location factors and soft location factors. Hard location factors are quantifiable and can be directly included in the location analysis. By contrast, the soft location factors refer to immeasurable aspects such as the economic climate or the quality of life. In the context of economic promotion, municipalities, regions and other institutions are trying to positively influence their own location factors in order to generate employment growth, tax revenues and attractiveness of the location through business settlements.

Search, find and compare business locations and commercial areas in Germany

Using our location analysis you can find suitable business parks in Germany. My Business Location is not only a property database where you can choose building areas based just on regional criterias. The approach of My Business Location rather focuses on the analysis aspect and thus includes important locational factors of the business locations. This allows you to sort and filter business locations based on your individual criteria. For example:

  • Compare level of business tax
  • Compare level of land tax (B)
  • Compare level of labour costs
  • Compare retail purchasing power
  • …or the combination of some locational factors

The registered building areas are classified according to their use. Depending on the project you can filter commercial areas, industrial areas, mixed areas, special areas and core areas with our location analysis. Other analysis options include demographic and labour market data, infrastructure, industry mix, funding and land prices. In addition, it is possible to limit results regionally, e.g. "business parks in Bavaria", "business parks in Hesse", "business parks in Berlin" etc.