Rent an industrial property in Germany

Renting an industrial property can bring several advantages for a company. Young companies often lack in the necessary funds to invest in their own production facility. Renting an industrial property can also be time-related. While a new building, including planning permissiont, usually takes well over a year, companies can move into a suitable industrial property very quickly which positively effects factors such as market entry or rapid expansion strategy. Another great advantage of renting an industrial property is the flexibility gained. A change of location is easier with a rented industrial property than with an own investment.

Find suitable locations for an industrial property

Every start-up, site expansion or relocation is always preceded by a strategic location decision. Ideally, this decision is based on a detailed analysis. An essential aspect of a location analysis is the definition of the most important location factors for a project and their weighting.

With our location analysis you can find suitable locations and compare them. You can choose from these location factors, among others:

  • Proximity search (proximity to the sales market)
  • Education of the workforce
  • Connection to the motorway, airport, etc.
  • Unemployment rate
  • Business tax rates
  • Labour costs

Location analysis industry

Find a suitable industrial property to lease

Once one or more suitable locations have been found, the search for a suitable industrial hall can now begin. First of all, the requirements for the industrial property must be defined. Different requirements are important depending on the project. Typical requirements for an industrial property for rent are:

  • Available area / heatable area
  • Office space / sanitary equipment
  • Media connections (heavy current, network) and ventilation system
  • Loading docks
  • Height of the industrial hall / number of floors
  • Rental period

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