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Finding the appropriate business location

Germany is an attractive location for investments and according to a study by Ernst & Young, it is placed 6th worldwide, just after the BRIC countries and the USA. In the heart of Europe you can find skilled workforce, high quality and a variety of academic and research institutions as well as a modern infrastructure, for which Germany is appreciated by foreign investors and domestic companies.

However, finding the most suitable business location and making the right location decision often turns out to be difficult in practice as investors and companies usually have different requirements for locations depending on their objectives. For example, the location factor purchasing power is the most important factor for company A, while company B has its main focus on the location factor land prices.

Today, the collection of data and information about potential business locations is freely searchable. Based on so-called geodata providers of location analysis-software programs create analysis for single locations. The problem is that companies usually do not know for which location they should buy an expensive location analysis. The difficulty and the actual effort of a location analysis lie in the data consolidation and in the comparison of the location factors across different business locations. At this point the location analysis of My Business Location applies.


Location analysis on My Business Location
On My Business Location you can analyse registered business locations by filtering and sorting them according to your relevant location. We also offer the opportunity to compare appropriate locations in a clear presentation. You can print the results of your analysis, save them as a PDF or send them by e-mail.

The following location factors are available for your individual location analysis:

Production-related factors Procurement and sales-related factors
Level of labour costs Type of municipality
Level of land tax State
Level of  business tax Population
Qualification of personnel Unemployment rate
Land prices Retail purchasing power
Rental prices Infrastructure
Availability of building areas Research institutions
Availability of commercial properties Local industry
Subsidies and funding programms  

In addition to the hard location factors, the profiles of the registered business locations include a description of the location in terms of its soft location factors.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Find the right business location – fast and specifically
  • Individual narrowing regarding your relevant location factors
  • Compare appropriate business locations in a clear presentation
  • Besides hard location factors also soft location factors are available
  • Argumentation basis for discussions with banks and investors
  • Save results of your location analysis conveniently as PDF or send them by e-mail
  • Free location analysis